Our experience in dealing with Craig has not only been one of discovery, but also one of excitement. To see Craig bring to life the vision that we had, and his ability to mix fresh ideas to compliment that vision, has made our home that much more special. Craig’s greatest strength is his ability to listen to what you want and make it more then what you expect.

– Brent Billey

We have used Craig for two building projects, one a large primary residence and the second a smaller beach house on the Sunshine Coast. In both cases working with Craig has been the easiest part of the build! We were so impressed by how Craig captured our vision almost immediately! In both cases the initial drawings were almost 100% perfect and with only a few changes were exactly what we wanted. The finished product was not only beautiful but timeless and extremely functional as Craig has an incredible sense of space and how to make it flow. Craig is very enjoyable to work with because he listens to his clients, works hard to make the home fit their needs and is very accessible and responsive.

– Catherine McLeod Seltzer

Craig was great to work with… in just a few meetings he brought our rough concepts and ideas to life in a way we could never quite describe.
There is no question , Craig is gifted with a strong sense of space and a passionate eye for good design, but I think his greatest gift is the fact that he listens, strives to exceed expectations and never forgets who the customer is. We were fortunate to work with Craig on our house, he delivered on his promise and we would recommend him highly.

– Remco Daal

We have had the pleasure to work on the interiors for many homes designed by Craig. His work shows sensitivity to how his client live, their budget and the environment in which the structure will stand. We feel Craig’s West Coast Design aesthetic will stand the test of time.

– Jennifer Heffel, Interior Designer BID RID

As a Realtor in West Vancouver it has become an absolute pleasure to sell Chevalier Designs homes. Not only are these homes aesthetically gorgeous, the layouts are also practical and well thought out. All my clients that have built with Craig find that he is cognitive of what they are looking for and a pleasure to work with. This is why Realtors are now advertising “Chevalier Designs” when selling a home designed by Craig.

– Eric Christiansen, Angell Hasman & Assoc. (Eric Christiansen) Realty Ltd.